Michel Antinori

Business Partner C Consulting

Michel has 45 years of experience as leading executive in various functions in the reinsurance world. He has been underwriter at the beginning of his career and moved as from 1981 to a broker, successively with GUY CARPENTER and WILLIS . As a broker, he used to be senior client manager of large, medium sized and small companies , with an expertise over a widespread range of classes of business in life, non life, treaty and facultative reinsurance. Thanks to his multilingual capacities, his operational field spread practically over the whole of Europe.

He retired from WILLIS in June 2015 and joined C CONSULTING to help to the development of business in the Benelux Area and France.


Giorgio Bassi

Chief Information Officer

Giorgio was hired in 1984 by Padana Assicurazioni, an Eni Group Company where in 2001, as IT Manager, he started the outward reinsurance implementation project with C_Consulting using XLayers. Following the acquisition of Padana in 2008, he joined the Helvetia Group as Head of Development and Application Maintenance.

From June 2021 and onward, after an experience in consulting with PWC, he has begun collaborating with C Consulting. “Proud to be part of a company that represents an Italian excellence in the world, an organisation that daily challenges big international competitors”.


Aldo Capurro

C Consulting Founder and CEO – Ruschlikon Italy Co-Chairman

After 6 years of experience in the Industrial sector, Aldo joined Unione Mediterranea di Sicurtà / UMS Generali Marine in 1986 as CIO. In 2000, he created C Consulting, of which he has been CEO, principal shareholder and strategic mind ever since.

“The experience gained and time spent at UMS were very important for me, both from a human and professional point of view. The Company provided me with the foundation and knowledge of reinsurance that I didn’t realise would be so fundamental in my future choices. But that’s how it was, and if I look back, I see a forty-year-old man who, at the dawn of the 21st century, created a company from nothing, and made it what it is today. C Consulting is a reference point for reinsurance which is recognised at the European level, but also as a large family of which I am very proud.“.


Serge Dussaussois

Business Partner C Consulting

Serge has more than 40 years’ experience in the reinsurance sector, in positions of non-life treaty underwriter, cessions manager and reinsurance director. He has been working for more than 30 years for the inward reinsurance company of the Covéa Group which he left in 2019 for retirement. He created and oversaw the development of Covéa’s inward reinsurance book of treaties in more than 30 countries over the world, mainly in Europe, MENA …He still serves Covéa as a board member in the Reinsurance Company Covéa Luxembourg.

Through his consulting company SEDU@CE, he participates in the development of C Consulting mainly in France.


Marco Fasani

Client Manager

Marco has been working in IT since 1983 and has come from various experiences in the fields of Manufacturing, Banking, Finance and Insurance. He joined C Consulting in 2007 as Delivery Manager and for more than 10 years he coordinated and followed projects and activities with Clients, with a special focus on start-up projects.

Since 2019, he has been working as Client Manager and follows every commercial and contractual aspect with respect to C Consulting Client needs.


Andrea Fina

Chief Technology Officer

Andrea began his professional career at a leading Italian System Integrator for the implementation of an insurance portfolio management system in 1999. Thereafter, he participated in the development of several web applications in Business, Telecommunications and Tourism sectors. In 2008, his experience and expertise led him to join C Consulting where he began contributing to various evolutionary and technological modernization phases of the XLayers system, especially focusing on the adoption of web application architecture. At C Consulting, Andrea continued to take on more and more relevant technological roles and was charged with the task of introducing the benefits of emerging technologies in the Company. He then became Head of the Laboratory, where he implemented the Agile organization model.

Recently, Andrea has taken on the role of Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for coordinating the development of the XLayers system, quality assurance, product release, maintenance and company IT.


Rosa Haddak

Business Partner C Consulting

Rosa has been working for over 20 years in the world of reinsurance. For 14 years, she played an important role in the SCOR Group as a Pricer, analyzing client portfolios and carrying out quotations and market studies in Europe. Thereafter, she joined the MAPFRE RE Group, dedicating herself to various activities in the Italian Life and Non-life market, including analysis and pricing as well as negotiations. She provided extensive support for reinsurance activities to each client. Rosa has in-depth experience in inward reinsurance and in the analysis of Non-life insurance and the evaluation of reinsurance treaty valutation, in particular in the field of statistics and in the analysis of data for pricing and treaty renewal.

Rosa is currently working with C Consulting on business development for the French market and for large Insurance groups on the international insurance scene.


Dominique Herbrich

Business Partner C Consulting

Dominique is a Chemical Process Engineer who served the Oil & Gas Industry during ten years as a Senior Project Manager in Major Offshore Construction Projects. He then moved to the Reinsurance and Insurance Industry where he gained over 30 years experience as an international CUO and CEO in EMA´s subsidiaries of Major Reinsurance (SCOR) and Insurance (AXA) Companies. Dominique owns a Doctorate Degree in Insurance and has developed extended skills and understanding of P&C and H&A Underwriting Rules and Reinsurance Management.

Dominique works for C Consulting in the expansion the Spanish insurance market.


Enrico Lerza

Director of Reinsurance consulting & business development abroad

Enrico has over 30 years of experience in the (re) insurance industry. He began his career in 1984 as an insurance broker. In 1989 he joined La Fenice Ri. (the reinsurance company of the Fondiaria Group, now Unipol) where in 1992 he was promoted to Senior Underwriter for the Italian market. In 1995 Enrico moved to RAS (now Allianz) and in 1997 he became Group Director of outward reinsurance. In 2003 he joined Willis Re. Italia, as Senior Account Executive. In 2006 he became Group Reinsurance Manager of Eurizon (now Intesa Sanpaolo), where, capitalizing on his previous experience, he also realised several new insurance products.

Enrico has been following C Consulting since 2011 as an internal trainer, author and senior teacher of a reinsurance course for professionals as well as senior consultant for companies in the (re) insurance sector.


Giovanni Levati

Sales Manager

Giovanni has been working for more than 20 years in Services and Software Systems, with a particular presence in the insurance market. He has held various and increasingly important roles in settings having a strong technological impact and later on worked in consulting. In 2010, Giovanni joined the C Consulting organization, as the Italian market sales manager where he has had success in securing several proposals as well as sale of the XLayers system. He has contributing significantly to the expansion of the C Consulting presence in the insurance market.

Giovanni’s personal and professional skills give allow him to find gratification in dealing with people on a daily basis, help them to improve the quality of their work, proposing solutions of value, “for both the interlocutors themselves and for the Insurance companies they represent”.


Simone Panizza

International Market Coordinator

Simone is a Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience in the  Services and IT sector. He has been highly successful in managing complex, international projects in the reinsurance, insurance and oil industries. Over the course of his extensive international experience (projects in France, UK, Kazakhstan and Russia) he has developed a profound expertise in the management and enhancement of diversity. He is an innovation activist, a fervent believer in processes,  and a problem solver by vocation.

Simone is currently involved in the Internationalisation Project which aims to bring the value characterised by C Consulting abroad.


Adriano Prefumo

Senior Partner C Consulting

Adriano has had a long career in the field of information systems. After spending his first years in a multinational company as a system engineer, he joined the Selesta Group where he continued to be given increasingly important roles. He became a key shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors and managed Selesta growth (up to over 100M€ with Companies in six countries) for 25 years, until 2008.

He then became a shareholder and senior partner in C Consulting, with the aim of making his experience available to Aldo and other colleagues to help the company grow in Italy and abroad.


Carlos Ranz Blazquez

Business Partner

Carlos started out as a software developer and has held a number of increasingly senior positions in IT depts. of various companies. In the mid-1990s he joined the SEMA Group, subsequently acquired by Atos, in which he held the position of Director of the Insurance Division, joined the Executive Committee and was appointed responsible for the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American markets, boasting more than 30 installations of software solutions created with his team. Carlos has also collaborated with startups and ICT Israeli companies and for the Vector company (acquired in 2019 by the Mexican multinational Softtek) was director of insurance for the Spanish market. Carlos is in love with the insurance industry as the importance of data quality is undisputed. Today Carlos collaborates with C Consulting for the expansion of the Spanish market.


Massimo Rigamonti

Product Manager

Massimo has extensive knowledge in the Information Systems sector and has been working on software solutions, particularly reinsurance processes, for about twenty years. At the beginning of 2000, after a five year experience in banking, Massimo joined Padana Assicurazioni as a Senior Analyst. In 2005, he was hired by C Consulting, where he continued to bring together and further solidify his expertise in reinsurance and in 2017 he assumed the role of XLayers System Product Manager.

Today, Massimo is directly responsible for defining application development lines for the system. He is widely involved in many tasks in C Consulting including the Pre-sales, Commercial, Software and Customer Care areas.


Nathalie Rocca

Reinsurance Consultant

Nathalie holds a degree in Economic Statistics and has more than 30 years of experience in the Insurance and Reinsurance sector.

About 20 years of experience in the Reinsurance sector, including 12 years for the Swiss Re group, where she assumed increasingly important roles: pricing, portfolio and market studies, responsible for the development of international markets (France , Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia); contributes to the opening of the Swiss Re office in Milan as Client Manager for part of the Italian market, and joins the central team in Zurich responsible for providing all Life, Non-Life and Financial reinsurance solutions for the AXA Group. In 2004, she joins AXA Italy as Head of the Reinsurance Department of the Italian Group (AXA Assicurazioni, AXA MPS, QUIXA), also contributing to the coordination of reinsurance for the Mediterranean and Latin America region of AXA.

In 2009, she becomes Chief Risk Officer and PMO Solvency II for AXA Italy and then for AXA Corporate Solutions in Paris in 2015, joining the Executive Committee. In 2019 she assumes responsibility for all Underwriting, Reinsurance and Reserves risks within the Risk Management Department of AXA XL.

Since March 2022, she has been collaborating with C Consulting for the development of international markets.


Dario Schiller

Business Partner C Consulting

Dario has more than 40 years of experience in the Insurance sector. His main areas of experience are related to underwriting, with particular emphasis on Retail Property and Personal Lines (Life & Medical) and reinsurance; he has worked for the Allianz Group, holding various managerial positions on two continents as well as serving as CEO in a corporate group. In addition, he has years of experience as a reinsurance broker and Chief Underwriting Officer in the Eastern European market for an Italian company. Other areas of experience are linked to achieved growth, profitability and turnaround strategies.

Dario works with C Consulting in the development of the European and Eastern market.


Marek Szeliga

Senior and Business Partner C Consulting

Marek has over 40 years of experience in the IT field. He began his career at Thorn EMI, and then continued on at Burmah Castrol and Whitbread & Co. Thereafter, Marek began devoting himself to consulting for some of the leading companies in the enterprise software sector. His experience gave him the opportunity to collaborate with Legent, where he began managing pre and post-sales teams in the United Kingdom, which subsequently lead to managing more than 100 technical specialists as Director of all services for Northern Europe. Afterwards, he worked for Scopus and BMC – before joining Serena Software in 1998, a leader in process management and software configurations where he managed the network of distributors, in particular those for the South American, Asia Pacific and EMEA markets.

Marek has also been a C Consulting partner and as of today, he continues to help with offer closures for the market abroad.


Pawel Zawisza

Business Partner C Consulting

Paweł has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector where his skills are mainly in sales management, business development, project management and implementation of new products and processes. He has worked with large multinationals, where he has held leading positions for several strategic projects. He firmly believes that any task entrusted can always be accomplished if the employees are energetic, motivated and objective-oriented. Pawel is a promoter of corporate ethics, open-mindedness and adaption to changing environments and the building long-term relationships with the aim of generating maximum value. He is a mentor and business supporter for several start-ups.

Pawel works with C Consulting in the development of the insurance market in Poland.


Marco Vanali

Senior Manager & Integration Leader

After graduating in Engineering in 1994, Marco began his professional career in the field of computer science. In 1999, Marco joined an important Italian systems integrator company where, as head of claims management , he worked on the development of an integrated portfolio management system based on Microsoft Web Technologies. In 2001 Marco became leader of a team charged with designing and developing reinsurance management software for a large Italian insurance group. In 2002 Marco joined C Consulting, first as a systems developer and later as a partner.

He currently holds the role of Reinsurance Senior Manager and Integration Leader.


Arkadiusz Bandosz

Reinsurance Consultant C Consulting

Ark has around 30 years of international experience in the world of (re) insurance. He started in Canada after completing the science faculty at the University of Manitoba. He worked in Crown Life, Manulife and CIBC Insurance before agreeing to develop the Italian market for Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), opening and starting the office in Italy. After moving to Warsaw to help in the CEE market, he then returned to Italy to fill the role of CEO of the Italian branch. At the end of 2017 he left RGA to become an independent consultant for the Italian market. Today he is on the boards of directors of Helvetia Italia Assicurazioni, Helvetia Vita, MyAssistance, Propensione and By Miles Europe and is involved in various projects related to (re) insurance


Renzo Peruzzi

Reinsurance Consultant C Consulting

Graduated in law with a thesis on “problems, types and cases of reinsurance”, Renzo spent over 15 years in the Fondiaria Group (now Unipol) holding increasingly prestigious positions including CUO for facultative non-life reinsurance and Head of the Group’s Reinsurance Technical Dept. In 2001 he is Central Director at Guy Carpenter in Italy and in 2002 Head of P&C (including Specialties) in HDI Assicurazioni in Rome. From 2004 to 2006 he was in charge of the Corporate and Reinsurance Technical Department of AXA Assicurazioni, since 2007 Chief Reinsurance Officer in the Financial Department of AXA Mediterranean & Latin American Region (coordination of outward reinsurance in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, UAE and other Gulf area countries, Morocco, Algeria, countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Mexico and Latin America) and between 2012 and 2017 Head of the Technical Division Enterprises and Commercial Development and Governance of the Commercial Lines sector. He is then Insurance & Reinsurance Advisor until February 2020, when he joins TMHCC as Branch Manager for Italy. Since April 2022 he has been collaborating with C Consulting


Rolf Schrade

Business Partner

Rolf has over 35 years of experience in the (re)insurance industry. After finishing his course of studies (international relations/administration, University of Konstanz) he began his career in 1987 as trainee at the Frankfurter Versicherungs-AG which was part of the Allianz-Group. After responsibilities in his career e.g. for markets, product development, strategic he was member of board at specialised mutuals (FV VVaG, SHB VVaG). Part of his responsibilities for over 20 years have been the reinsurance.
Rolf works for C Consulting in the expansion the DACH insurance market.