XLayers eliminates risks

XLayers automates accounting/reporting management of reinsurance, ensuring efficiency, speed and accuracy.

It is fundamental in optimising the performance of any Insurance Company and/or Group.

Return On Investment

XLayers is not a cost, but an investment, because it guarantees sure recovery for the Client.

Automatic functions reduce the possibility of errors often very costly and inherent in manual processes (leakage*), effectively optimising results and curbing management costs.

Adherence to the Ruschlikon Initiative leads to an additional reduction of manual processes and checks.

Reinsurance leakage is estimated at between 2% and 4% of reinsured premiums and claims (sources: AON – Celent).

* Reinsurance leakage definition: overpayments, under-recoveries, additional costs and charges due to inefficiencies and anomalies in the manual reinsurance process.