The only system designed to manage the needs of insurance groups and individual ceding companies
Functional completeness, clear rules, minimum processing times, maximum data granularity

What is XLayers

Outward & Inward reinsurance

Management of obligatory and facultative reinsurance and of Business Partners

Non-life and life Insurance policies

Initiative Partner

IFRS17 accounting principles

Risk profile analysis

Undertaking-Specific Parameters (USP)

Governance and Compliance

Technical cessions and retrocessions


Document Management


An ecosystem that enables end-to-end management of all inward and outward reinsurance processes as well as managing every aspect of cessions and retrocessions, from technical to administrative and reporting. Designed for Insurance companies and Groups, it is multi-currency and manages proportional and non-proportional, obligatory and facultative reinsurance.

It allows Clients to set reinsurance rules for homogeneous risk groups and automatically aggregates information from the technical account of treaties and facultative reinsurance, even when coming from external sources (e.g. MS Excel). Equipped with a sophisticated analytic tool to filter and extract granular information.

Simple, intuitive, fully integrated and consolidated with the Client’s systems, easily fed with data from policy administration systems at the level of detail required by or needed by the Client.

More than 60 successful installations in Insurance companies and Groups operating in the EMEA market and C Consulting’s 20 years of experience in system implementation and Client dedication testify to its effectiveness and wide functional coverage.

The main modules of XLayers


It is the most comprehensive and widely used reinsurance and retrocession management solution on the EMEA market today. It certifies the entire process, fully adhering to all aspects of Compliance


It is the complete solution for the certified management of inward reinsurance. Its high degree of operational flexibility allows it to respond effectively to the needs of each Client


Automatically calculates the reinsurance premium agreed with the reinsurer, i.e. applies any Life and/or Non-Life reinsurance rate


It constructs the triangular statistic as if the current obligatory reinsurance had been in force for at least the past 5 years, while applying the facultative reinsurance agreed at that time. It provides key support for supervisory body approval of USP

XLayers accessory modules



Utilised for optimising reinsurance, assessing company exposure and preparing risk profiles for reinsurers



Specific and dedicated database for saving any statistical extraction. Particularly useful for information that has to be processed by external systems and large databases



It is a CLOUD solution for using the XLayers accounting module without having to integrate it into Client systems. It is fed with information relating to master data, reinsurance agreements and account balances



Integrated document system to manage documents received from business partners, those issued by the system (even before module activation) and any documents prepared with other systems in a single archive



Integrated Business Process Management system. Guarantees optimisation, organisation and control of activities according to tracked process logic



Automatically extracts reinsurance-specific QRTs as required by Pillar 3 of the Solvency II Directive

XLayers signifies a paradigm shift

from the limits of aggregate data to granularity

Allows reinsurance to be attributed to any technical item (product, line of business, risk, guarantee, etc.).

With very short processing times, it simplifies reinsurance management aspects and drastically reduces the chances of error.

Clients can spend more time studying and negotiating optimised reinsurance without wasting time on exhausting complex data checks. They can count on a reliable support for new accounting issues, e.g. IFSR17.

A structured and flexible operating model.

XLayers strengths


  • Process traceability
  • Full functional coverage
  • Extensive parameterisation possibilities
  • User friendly



  • In processing large volumes of data
  • In statutory accounting closures
  • In preparation of statistics
  • In automatic QRT extractions


  • EIOPA/Solvency II Directive
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • IFRS17 accounting standard
  • Verification of the conditions necessary for USP


  • Elimination of inefficiencies and anomalies
  • 300,000€ / average annual leakage prevention per customer

The contribution of XLayers is essential
for the Risk Management of reinsurance

Analysis: simplification of checks and detailed analysis of results.

Outstanding Balances: analysis based on both credit seniority and reinsurer rating.

Fast Close: monthly closures allow reinsurance to be maintained in parallel with direct business, greatly assisting in the preparation of estimates provided to the parent company.

Operation: Errors elimination in the application of reinsurance rules/clauses.

Audit: Monitoring and checks easily implemented. Tracked process, historicity and re-executability.

Compliance: Compliance with EU legislative standards and regulations. Format and system information adjustable to non-EU regulations.