The solution for complex insurance lines& classes and Captive

Is X4i the right choice?

Why choosing X4i?
Why use even only one of its components for integration into existing systems?
Because X4i is a WEB application platform designed to be easily integrated with the systems the Customer has already in use. It allows you to manage all processes of a Non-Life insurance company, from premiums up to claims ones, even for peculiar lines of business such as, for instance, Bond, Marine and Assistance.

C Consulting has deliberately designed X4i and its components in order to completely solve the computerization of Non-Life insurers, ensuring a targeted and non-invasive solution when the insurance companies (more frequently the big ones) have already invested in other management solutions and have to face new problems not sufficiently covered by the existing systems.

The system modules ensure completeness: Master data, Insurance policies, Claims/Losses, Technical Accounting, Data Warehouse make it easy to use even together with other management systems.
You can find here below some specific components that can be used individually:

  • Marine;
  • Bond;
  • Assistance;
  • Indirect business;
  • Engineering;
  • Non-Life – other lines of business.

The foreign company operating in Italy under the establishment regime is subject to the IVASS regulation, which is completely fulfilled by X4i.

For an insurance company in the start-up phase the implementation project results even very helpful.

The original features (web) make the connection between the data warehouse and the corporate portal very easy. This translates in the ability to make statistics online available to authorized operators.

Request information, X4i is the future.

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