The major value of C Consulting is to be fully dedicated to the reinsurance practice with a set of highly-valued software solutions (specifically, for the management and certification of the reinsurance process within Insurance Companies) and a team of experienced professionals who have over years implemented many solutions for customers with different needs and wants.

The measurable and guaranteed return on investment for the Client is made of the availability of a set of solutions developed for real specific needs and which can be implemented in a short period of time at the client’s site.

We are able to offer our Clients customized solutions because of a competent working team with a seniority which goes back to our company origins, and with our proprietary reinsurance knowledge cumulated over many years.

The experience and range of solutions provided by C Consulting, together with the many successful customers, are the best guarantee in the implementation of a winning project.


C Consulting was born in the year 2000 after the meeting of a few professionals with a very solid background in both Insurance and Information Technology. The goal was to bring innovative solutions into the Insurance market, specifically in the areas where a high level of competence was required.. These results are considered only the initial step of a long-term strategy which wants to add internationally to the leadership built in the Italian market.

Since its origins, C Consulting is specialized and focused on the small while complex niche of the management of the reinsurance process. This has led to the birth of the brand XLayers which has become over the years the solution of reference to fulfil the needs of the reinsurance department inside Insurance Companies.

The rules and functions of XLayers are the result of more than 15 years of dedicated competence and cumulated experience and the investments made to serve more than 55 Insurance Companies. They all use XLayers with a high level of satisfaction being a small organization or a big and complex one. Our Clients has been a continuous source of learning and making XLayers more complete proprietary know-how.

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